21 January 2005

GimpDarwin 2.2.2

All the twos, twenty two…

After a long pause, I’ve finally got round to submit the trivial patch for Gimp 2.2.2 in DarwinPorts. It’s been so long, because I am taking advantage of my ADC membership to test OS X v10.4 - The upcoming release of Apple’s wonderful operating system (codenamed Tiger). DarwinPorts won’t install properly on Tiger, so all the time I have been booted into that, I can’t test the Gimp portfile.

I’m actually running at the bleeding edge of operating system development at the moment. At work, we are testing RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 (RHEL4), and I’m doing a lot of work with one of our research groups to prepare their systems for rollout of RHEL4 on the day of release (February 14th, with love, RedHat). I’m currently being a one-man compile farm, as there’s a whole load of stuff RedHat left out (deliberately) from their operating system and no sane man would tolerate not being able to play MP3s or Video on their desktop. It’s not like they should be doing work or anything.

On that note, I’d just like to say that I love my job, because I get to be a geek 9am-5pm and yet still have a life outside work. Oh yeah, and I’m fucking good at it, which should definitely be noted!

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