Sam J Sharpe

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The Present

I am currently rejoining Rackspace Hosting as a Custom System Engineer.

Recent History

I was recently an Operations Engineer working for the UK Government. Some of the projects I worked on can be found in the @alphagov organisation, although the vast majority of my current commits are on private repos. I'm one of a team of people working within the Government Digital Service to build and run next-gen infrastructures for government web platforms. The tools we work with are Puppet, Ubuntu, NginX, Varnish, Unicorn and Ruby, among many others.

Before I worked for GDS, I was a Senior System Engineer (SSE) for Rackspace Hosting working with a large number of clients within APAC and EMEA on their Linux Hosting needs. I have an extensive amount of experience configuring a traditional LAMP stack, advising on scaling and on-demand technologies such as Rackspace Cloud, and dealing rapidly with emerging issues. It is here I learnt about Mail (Postfix and Qmail), Apache, MySQL and PHP

Distant Past

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I used to work for Imperial College as a "Unix Analyst". I worked my way up from Desktop Support into this position which involved administering a large number of RedHat Linux, Fedora Linux and Sun Solaris systems used both for business (running Oracle Business Suite and OracleDB) and for teaching (Desktops and Servers). Maintaining multiple environments with snapshots of a 900GB Oracle DB was not something that I would want to do forever.


Not that it's particularly relevant, but I have a BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of London and an Associateship of the City and Guilds Institute (ACGI) from Imperial College. I've done a lot more since then that is more relevant, but everyone seems to want to know where I studied and what degree I have for some reason.