22 December 2004

Mine, all mine

I’m surprised that neither Andy or Adam have got round to posting about Software Patents yet, but what the hell, it is the slow season.

The EU (through the Dutch presidency) tried to force through these measures past the committee stage. Unfortunately they needed to do so before they hand over the presidency to Luxembourg to avoid them looking lazy and ineffectual. Alas for them, the only remaining committee was a little fishy (much like this proposal), as the relevant committee has no more sittings this session. This is what left EU Fisheries Ministers voting on Software Patents (it would be funny if it wasn’t true)

Luckily Poland (one of the newest EU members) thought that this was all a bit suspect and rather shifty, so they have objected. I think that makes us about even for all that stuff we did in 1938-1945 eh?

Everyone should now say Thankyou Poland!

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