6 December 2004

Pretty Website

First of all, those of you using Internet Explorer won’t appreciate this, because you browser has appalling support for transparent PNG images and is generally shite anyway. I have two recommendations for you:

  1. upgrade your operating system
  2. failing 1. ) upgrade your browser

For those of you still with me, you’ll notice that I’ve been playing with GIMP supplied by DarwinPorts and some CSS to create a nicer look for this page as a tribute to my old fireburst.co.uk URL. The background is a stock image of a fire, slightly cropped and fixed in the bottom right corner (notice how it stays there when you resize?) and the menu and posts have a 50% transparent black background (note the fire floating under the menu)…

I’ve tweaked the rest of the style to match - but I think you’ll agree that Black and Orange is a pleasing combination.

I’m pleased anyway.

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